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Familia Ruiz Torres en instalaciones de bodega en Cañamero, Cáceres

Bodegas Ruiz Torres has its origins in 1870. This familiar winery is currently managed by the third generation. Its owner, Mr. Antonio Ruiz Torres, turned the village of Cañamero into a significant area in the world of wine when he placed his cellars and vineyards in this nice village of Extremadura region.

Quality is the basis of Bodegas Ruiz Torres´work. Every wine goes through a strict follow-up and quality control in each step of the production process, from the vineyards to the bottle. Consumer´s confidence is the reward for such noble effort.
In the international background, Bodegas Ruiz Torres is positioned in the markets of the 5 continents. Currently consolidated in USA, Europe and Eastern countries, Bodegas Ruiz Torres shores up its position within the Asian market.

Our logo is a throwback to the cave paintings (Palaeolithic) found in caves of our region, Las Villuercas Geopark in Villuercas- Ibores -Jara.

Guadalupe Monastery

But the winemaking tradition of the area dates back to the fourteenth century, the Monastery of Guadalupe, the religious order of the Jeronimos, elaborated up to 7 different wines that were distributed by the estates of the Church, in whose cellar came to give work to more 50 people.

This century dates the oldest Vitivinicola Treaty is known in Spain, called “Book and record of the winery of the Monastery of Guadalupe.

In 1968, Antonio Ruiz Torres, barely 18 years is over the family business taking over his father Felipe Ruiz, in addition to Prepare is dedicated to travel throughout Extremadura to publicize their wines.

In 1973 he mounted its first line of bottled, (Second in Extremadura at the time and in the year 1980 makes its first exports to pises as Russia and Germany.

It is in the NAOS 80/90 when the winery undergoes a major expansion, thanks to the commercial and entrepreneurial character of Antonio Ruiz Torres.

In 2007 the Junta de Extremadura gives the winery the “Constancia Business” Recognition Award as one of the oldest companies in the region.

Location of Bodegas Ruiz Torres

Ubicación Bodegas Ruiz Torres

The winery is located in a spectacular setting in the locality of Cañamero, 15 km from the Monastery of Guadalupe, Province of Caceres.

The first data collected from our Bodega date back to 1870, Miguel Ruiz, produce wines in the traditional style of the area with native varieties like alarije.

These elaborations were called “pitarras” and sold to local residents.

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