Wines from Spain. Bodegas Ruiz Torres, presents his blue wine. MAR BLUE


Bodegas Ruiz Torres, on the occasion of the fair of Cáceres 2017, makes the presentation of his

Blue wine,

which he calls


It is a refreshing wine based on a white made from grapes of the pardina variety. Its precious blue hue is obtained from the addition of natural pigments, thus achieving the trend marked by tastes in markets mainly international.

The wines of Spain always offer a wealth of taste and variety, but today there is also the possibility of making wine tourism and discovering the wine culture.

Extremadura wines have been put in value thanks to the process of recognition of the D.O. Ribera del Guadiana in 1999. At Bodegas Ruiz Torres we offer a quality product and we strive to put the wines of the region in the place they deserve, making it known at the fairs of the province of Cáceres.

The winery Ruiz Torres

The Bodegas Ruiz Torres are in the locality of Cañamero, very close to the sanctuary of Guadalupe and the Villarcas Geopark. The landscape is incomparable and you can celebrate here your event, as well as a guided tour of the winery and participate in organized tastings.

We offer several products of own elaboration. In addition to our white or red wines, we have cava and our latest novelty is the blue wine.

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